Exercises for Lower Back Spasms

One of the most agonizing and excruciating experiences is that of a lower back spasm. A back spasm can catch you totally off-guard and render you virtually immobile for a considerable amount of time. It is caused by an involuntary and uncontrolled contraction of the muscles in the lower back area for various reasons. The most common cause however, is an injury to the lower back or a sudden movement that the back is not accustomed to. Whatever the cause, the main focus should be on treating the back spasm as early and as gently as possible. For that, there are some gentle lower back exercises that you can perform, mentioned in this article. Have a look.

Exercises for Lower Back Muscle Spasms

The most important thing to be kept in mind when you are treating your sore muscles in your lower back is that the best treatment they can receive is complete rest. The very fact that you experienced a spasm is a sign that you’ve been exerting them a little more than is necessary. So, after you have rested for a while, you can indulge in the simple exercises given below to help get them unrestricted and get you back in working condition.

Exercise #1: Lying Down
This exercise is for those who find it difficult to even sit up or stand due to the extreme discomfort caused by the lower back spasm. You need to lie down straight on your bed with your hands on your sides and the palms facing downwards. Your legs need to be stretched straight ahead with the toes pointing towards the ceiling. Now, slowly, join both your legs and fold them till the knees touch your chest. When they do, clasp your hands around your legs and slowly, bend your body towards the right side, from your lower back area. Stay in the position for about 5 seconds, then come back to the center. Now, turn towards your left side, again hold the position for 5 seconds and return to the original position. You can repeat this exercise about 5 times at a stretch and about 3 times a day.

Exercise #2: Sitting Down
This exercise is quite efficient not only in helping to relieve the pain from the lower back spasm but also as a preventive measure to help your muscles relax before you begin your day. When you wake up in the morning, sit in an upright position with your legs crossed. Now, very slowly, stretch your right leg out straight and holding the thigh, lift it, fold it and place it over your left thigh. After doing this, place your right hand on the ground near your left thigh and turn towards the left as much as you can. Be in this pose for about 5 seconds, then very slowly reverse your position. Now repeat the same exercise with your left leg. Do this exercise 3 times every morning when you wake up (or even when you experience a lower back spasm) and the tension from your muscles will be eased.
*Note: You may hear a popping sound. Do not be afraid. This is normal.

Exercise #3: Standing Up
Now let us see an exercise that you can perform while standing up. It’s relatively easy as well. Stand up straight with your legs spread about 1 foot apart. Stretch your arms on your sides. Now, twist your hip in such a way that your right arm is stretched in front of your body and your left hand is behind your back. Your back muscles get stretched and thus get relaxed. Now, stay in this position until you can feel the strain on your back muscles. Then, go back to your initial standing position and repeat the exercise on the other side.

These simple exercises will help you to get some much-needed respite from your agony. But remember to do them gently, and in moderation. You don’t want to make your condition worse by straining your already strained muscles. Take care!

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